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Frequently Asked Questions

For Trade and Wholesale enquiries pls contact us via:

How can I become a Stockist of the Lyfestyled range? 

All you need to do is email from your business email address your name, business website and a phone number that we can contact you on. From there we will be able to discuss with you the MOQ and our wholesale prices.

What kind of wax is used in Lyfestyleds candles?

We use 100% Soy wax in all of our candles from the votive size to the 3kg size. This is to ensure that you are getting the best possible product which contains NO paraffin or parabens like other candles on the market. You can notice a paraffin based candle by the way they burn black soot and leave a black residue on the candle glassware.

What kind of wick is used in Lyfestyleds candles?

Lyfestyled use a German cotton wick. We always suggest after burning your candle for around 2-3 hours to blow it out and trim the wick only if it is long. Let the candle re solidify and then you can re burn your candle again. This way you get the most out of your candle.

How long will my diffusers last for?

Lyfestyled diffusers are fantastic when it comes to the amount of time they last, anywhere from 4.5-5 months. Each scent of diffuser is made up of different fragrances which means they will react differently together. This is why each diffuser will not last the same amount of time as the other.

Are Lyfestyled candles Vegan friendly?

Yes we are.

How should I start burning my candle to get the most out of it?

When you receive your candle you need to be sure to burn all the wicks at the same time, so that they burn evenly. It is always suggested that you burn your candle for a minimum of 2hours or until the liquefied content meets all sides of the glassware. This will then ensure that your candle solidifies evenly and flat, just like when you bought it. We choose to have two wicks in our regular candle to assist this process. After the 3 hours it is suggested to blow out your candle so that you can trim the wicks (only if they are mushrooming, which means turning over themselves to self burn) If your candle wick is still the perfect height of around 3mm then do not trim it, as you may trim it too low and then the next burn will only be a small flame which may cause issues for your candle moving forward.

Which courier company does Lyfestyled use to deliver my goods?

Fastway couriers is Lyfestyleds carrier. We also choose to use DHL and Australia Post for out of area parcels. Please refer to the below link for a detailed explanation of all shipping and handling.

Fastway is at:

When will I get my shipment?

Please refer to the shipping and handling page where you can find all the necessary details found at this link

Who can I contact if I have not received my order? or call Lyfestyled on  02) 93376337

My order was received damaged, what can I do?

You must always check your parcel before signing for it; these are the terms and conditions of our carrier which can be found on our shippings page before placing your order. Please note that once you sign for any parcel delivered you are agreeing that you have received it in working order. If this is not the case and the parcel was not signed for please take a photo of the damaged goods and email us at

My candle seems to be not burning properly. What can I do to change this?

Depending on if you had followed the correct instructions as per the above, if your candle was not burnt all the way to the edge initially we suggest that you can remove some of the wax so that you can expose more of the wick and start again. We personally feel the best way of doing this and the safest way is when the wax is solidified and the flame is not burning. Using a teaspoon you can scoop out some of the wax around the wick and you must make a completely flat candle to start over. Be sure not to scratch the inside of your candle glassware otherwise you will mark the design.

Why does my candle have a yellow tinge?

Each candle is more than triple scented and has a selection of different scents to make the final product. When these ingredients blend together sometimes particular scents react differently to each other, there for you can get some yellowing in certain candles and not in others. This does not mean there is anything wrong with your candle it is just the outcome of the composition of the fragrances used.

How long will my candle burn for?

  • Votive candle – up to 50hours
  • Regular 300gm candle – up to 80hours
  • Deluxe 3kg Candle – up to 350 hours

Which candles have the strongest fragrances when burning? 4 Star being the strongest.

We have graded them for you below in scent category, this is also viewable online when viewing your selected scent.


  • Thai Cinnamon & Patchouli – 4 Star
  • Tahitian Sandalwood & Orchid – 2 Star
  • Bamboo & Clove – 2 Star


  • Parisian Musk & Amber – 2 Star
  • Indian Jasmine & Lily – 2 Star


  • Vanilla & Coconut – 2 Star
  • Lemongrass & Mandarin – 2 Star
  • English Pear & Rhubarb – 2 Star


  • Tiger Orchid & Apricot – 3 Star
  • Hawaiian Grapefruit & Lemon – 4 Star
  • Fijian Pineapple & Paw Paw – 3 Star

Do you use Paraffin wax in your candles, and are there any parabens?

No we do not use Paraffin wax. This is why you cannot compare the scent of a paraffin candle to a soy candle. Paraffin is the ingredient that allows a candle to be able to smell extremely strong but contains the toxins of parobens in it. Soy wax has come a long way and is able to achieve great scent levels but does not contain these harmful chemicals, it will not smell as strong as a paraffin wax for this reason but the health of you and your children is important to us, so we try to deliver the best kind of Soy scented candle on the market.

What ingredients are used in the massage candle to be able to be used on the body?

The massage candles are made from and a small amount a soy wax to bond the oils together. Due to the fact it is combined oils this means it can be used on the skin.

How do I best use the massage candle, and how long do I burn it for before using it?

Lyfestyled massage candles come in 3 scents. The lavender and Chamomile has the added benefits of essential oils. Burn your candle for 20mins so that you can melt enough to produce enough oil for the massage. Blow out your candle and let it sit for 5 mins to be sure that the temperature will not affect the skin. NEVER POUR THE OIL STRAIGHT ONTO THE BODY. Firstly, pour the oil in the palm of your hand, testing the temperature. Rub your hands together and then you can place the oil onto the body.

Can I use the massage candle as a fragrance?

Yes, this is the greatest thing about the massage candles. Just place your warm fingers on to the surface on the wax (when the wax is cold and wick NOT lit) and pick out some solidified oils and rub them together in the palm of your hands, the warmth will melt it into a creamy oil, you can now use it as a body fragrance and hand and body cream/oil. Kyly uses this daily as her body perfume and finds it very effective to put on before going to bed, waking with a nice aromatic scent on her skin.

Are Lyfestyled products tested on animals?

No we don’t test any Lyfestyled products on animals. We are an animal protection and friendly organisation.

How do I open my diffuser and where is it best to display them?

The best way to open your diffuser so not to get the oil on your fingers is with a plastic glove. Once you remove the silver lid, with the blunt side of a knife carefully place it under the clear plastic plug and slowly wiggle it out of the bottle. Doing this ensures that you do not open it with force and then the fragrance will not splash anywhere. Be sure to not get the fragrance on the label as it can tarnish the design.

It is always best to display diffusers in an area that are is of reach of children and animals. If you display your diffuser in an area prone to sunlight or near an open door close to an air flow, be aware that these elements can absorb more of your diffuser content which means it may not last as long.

Are diffuser refills available at Lyfestyled?

Sorry we do not have diffuser refills available at this stage.

Can I purchase sample stock?

Yes, we sometimes have sample stock sales. The product is not damaged it is purely samples only. If you sign up to our Monthly Issue, you will be updated on all the new products available and sales that Lyfestyled has coming up, along with any specials for our VIP customers. You can sign up by placing your email address into the bottom left corner of this page where it says: Enter your email ……SUBSCRIBE. We look forward to sharing more Lyfestyled LOVE with you.

Who can I contact if I have another question?

We would be more than happy to assist you with any concern you may have and will email you promptly. Please feel free to email us via