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The love for creativity, aromatic scents, travel and home decor was the perfect potion for what would be a passionate business for Kyly Clarke. A religious daily ritual of lighting candles and having incense around her has now turned into a luxurious range of high class soy scented candles and diffusers which deliver a balance of luxe and inspirational aromas for your space.

For Kyly it was simply about creating something she loved, something she was so passionate about and furthermore sharing this experience with others. Her career has allowed her to travel the globe extensively experiencing exquisite destinations that are all remembered through breath taking aromatic scents. She now creates Lyfestyled soy scented candles so others can surround themselves with the divine blends of a melting pot of aromas from around the globe. Lighting candles or putting incense in your space gives you the chance to transport yourself back in time, remember a special moment shared, or take you to a new destination yet to be discovered.

Kyly Clarkes Lyfestyled aromas energise your spirit with elegantly powerful scents from Tahiti, England, Thailand, India, South Africa and Hawaii.

“Because my lifestyle has always been very hectic, I have always made a valid effort to add a form of calmness to give balance to life. No matter where I travel to, I always have a piece of where I want to be with me through the power of scent.” Kyly Clarke

Lyfestyled candles and incense help to place you in a state of relaxation, a state that centres you while you work, relaxes you when you want to unwind. Our aim is the provide an essence or pure luxury in your own space.

Being an Interior Designer candles and diffusers have always infused a luxurious touch to Kyly’s home decor for many years, a way of warming her space and adding true character.

Let Lyfestyled tantaslise your sense with irresistible fragrances that transport you to exquisite destinations around the globe.

Our devoted and world class perfumers use the highest quality natural ingredients to elegantly style your home through the power of aroma. Kyly is proud to say that her candles are 100% Soy Scented Candles with German cotton lead-free wicks.

“Lyfestyled scents are your homes charisma” Kyly Clarke