Musk & Amber Massage Candle 120g-edited

Musk & Amber 120g Massage Candle


Relax your body and mind with the warmth of the flower from the native tropical regions of Asia. Patchouli along with Musk, Amber and Cedar wood will transport you to the springs of the forest and the sounds of pleasant birds chirping. While you now lay in the peaceful surrounds of lush green mountains, breathe in this harmonised scent and surrender yourself to the ultimate relaxation.

Lyfestyled’s Body Massage Candles are developed to deliver an all over calming effect on the body and a relaxation of the mind all while leaving your skin with a softly scented dew-kissed glow.

Please note: We produce the massage candle as naturally as possible, hence why we use a clay jar. Due to the natural oils, it is normal if the oils have penetrated through the clay pot. These candles our made by a different process to that of a regular candle. Due to the massage candle being able to melt at a very low temperature to be safe on the skin, the candle can be cracked in appearance but once melted it will solidify flat.


Massage Candles Safety Instructions

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