Vanilla & Coconut Massage Candle 120g-edited

Vanilla & Coconut 120g Massage Candle


Just as heavenly on the skin as its deliciously enticing summer smell, the combination of warm creamy Vanilla and a sprinkle of toasted Coconut will leave your skin dewy. With pure and natural extracts you will be day dreaming of holding a split coconut in your hand while basking in the warmth of summer by the ocean or poolside. As you indulge in an escape into a delectable paradise, this massage candle delivers the true atmosphere of tranquillity.
Lyfestyled’s Body Massage Candles are developed to deliver an all over calming effect on the body and a relaxation of the mind all while leaving your skin with a softly scented dew-kissed glow.

Please note: We produce the massage candle as naturally as possible, hence why we use a clay jar. Due to the natural oils, it is normal if the oils have penetrated through the clay pot. These candles our made by a different process to that of a regular candle. Due to the massage candle being able to melt at a very low temperature to be safe on the skin, the candle can be cracked in appearance but once melted it will solidify flat.


Massage Candles Safety Instructions

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