Vanilla & Coconut-edited

Vanilla & Coconut with Musk & Amber Large 3kg Candle


Our Luxurious 3kg soy scented candle will be the envy of all, and a wonderful gift for that special occasion.


Relax your body and mind with the warmth of the flower from the native tropical regions of Asia. Patchouli along with Musk, Amber, Vanilla and Coconut will transport you to the springs of the forest and the sounds of pleasant birds chirping. While you now lay in the peaceful surrounds of lush green mountains, breathe in this harmonised scent and surrender yourself to the ultimate relaxation.


Burn time roughly up to 350 hours. Please be advised that these Luxe candles are custom made to order and production time takes 3-4 days.

*All sale items come without the designer box.

Large 3kg Candles Safety Instructions

  • Scent Level: 4

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